On the Team Recorder online courses, the following steps have been taken to ensure the course is accessible:

  • The lessons are given via Facebook live stream, weekly. You have lifetime access to all materials, so feel free to follow the course at your own pace. It's no problem to miss a week and/or follow later.
  • Facebook live stream unfortunately does not offer closed captioning. I do upload the live stream video to a private Youtube link afterwards, with closed captioning provided.
  • A transcription of the live stream can be provided upon request.
  • Chat is enabled during the live stream so you can ask questions/clarifications at any point. During the live stream, you can see/hear me but I cannot see/hear you (except via chat).
  • Homework downloads are provided in PDF format. If you require a different font, inverted colours, plain text format, or audio description, these are all available upon request.
  • The homework does not need to be turned in, and can be followed at your own pace. It's intended as a useful resource for you to use as and when needed, not for me to be grading or assessing.
  • All material is given in English. 
  • I have the tendency to speak fast during the live stream, though I am working on it! After being uploaded to Youtube you can playback at a slower speed/pause when you need to. There is no background music. 
  • Sheet music is not required during the course. Each participant works with their own choice of music, whether you learn by reading, by ear, or by another method.

This list is by no means exhaustive and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have suggestions, questions, or requirements!